“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.'”

Mark 16:15

FCC 2020 Benevolence and Missions

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The house is a nonprofit organization that helps people who are in need of food, a place to stay, or household items. We offer these things so that the town of Marshalltown, Iowa is a better place. 



Rev. Florencio and Maria Guzman are one of the first missionaries that The Mission Society (now TMS-GLOBAL) ¬†commissioned since they started the missionary agency in the early 80’s. They have been serving for more than 30 years. Main headquarters are in Monterrey, MX. Currently they are serving in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.¬† Along with the years we have been focusing in Church planting, Evangelism and Leadership Training. However as we step into a new generation of believers and non-believers, we have expanded our ministries to reach out more souls for Christ.

Johnny and Mary Guzman (Johnny is Rev. Florencio and Maria oldest son) are developing new ministries with the children and youth. They are in the process to be assigned as missionaries under the guidance of Rev. Florencio and Maria Guzman. Mary (Johnny’s wife) is helping young girls to discover their gifts on science, communication and other useful skills so they can have better opportunities in life. Johnny is helping to develop and run different programs with the adolescents and youth groups.



Our Mission:  My Kinsmen Ministries will strive to equip people of Sierra Leone with the educational, financial, spiritual and physical tools needed to cultivate life and minister to their countrymen.