Who We Are Now

Who We Are Now

the Story of Who We Are Now

2nd Phase of Conversations

Our journey in renewal thus far has been educational, enriching and inspiring. We have deep gratitude for the professional coaches mentoring the First Congregational Church (FCC) Renewal Coordinating Team (RCT) and the FCC Listening Team (LT):

Ray Schulte, Director of Center for Parish Development (CPD)

Pastor Shawn Stapleton, NACCC Partner with Center for Parish Development

Pastor Steve Slagel, Appreciative Narrative Advisor to CPD

We believe that all churches should assess and celebrate their strengths and challenges on a regular basis to remain vibrant, updating our visions and missions to meet the demands of our communities and the world as they change. Our process calls first and foremost for relationship strengthening – with Our Lord and Savior, with one another in the church and ultimately with the wider world. The pandemic has made the need to reconnect even more acute. Intentional conversations, group gatherings and discussions with renewal themes are being hosted. Our Pastor has done a great job integrating renewal themes into sermons and bible studies during the past year.

From the outset, we’ve been reminded that the following elements are critical to genuine refreshment in a body of believers. They are equally important to discern ways for FCC to be more relevant and compelling in the future.

Elements of Church Renewal that Yield Real Fruit
  • Christ-Centered
  • Leadership Fosters:
  • Fellowship Building
  • Creation of Gracious Space
  • Constructive Visioning and Problem Solving
  • Inclusive of All Who Want to Participate
  • Most Membership Elects to Participate
  • Time for Real Growth, not Calendar-Bound
  • Transparent in Process and Progress
  • Participants Perceive They Are “Receiving A Gift”
  • Renewed Spiritual Energy is Focused and Contagious

During February and March 2022 a team of trained members of our congregation will be conducting one:one or one:couple interviews/conversations to gain insights from people who attend our church about “Who Are We Now?” Questions for phase two interviews are:

  1. How would you describe our congregation today?
  2. What is keeping you connected with FCC?
  3. How has the pandemic influenced your experience with FCC?

Please, return to this website and this tab in early April 2022 to see the story of “Who We Are Now.”